Set Product Variations

Now set Product variation make sure each variation set image, price & stock otherwise it will not display in front end.

Go to Product data

  1. Variations: From Product, data tab select the Variations
  2. Default Variation: You can set a predefine variation so when product detail page load this variation will be selected.
  3. Add Variation: You can create all variation at a time by clicking “Create Variations from all Attributes” or individual variation one by one.
  4. Selected Attributes: In this example, we added 3 attributes that make this variation. Make sure the proper attributes selected.
  5. Image: Make sure to set the proper variation image.
  6. Price: Make sure set the price otherwise this variation will not show in front end .
  7. Stock: Make sure the stock of this variation.
  8. Others fields like SKU, Weight, shipping cost & descriptions you can set as your need.