Content Tab

There are 5 sections in the content tab

1) Layout: All layout settings are here

1.1) Choose Layout: Choose a layout.

Layout Options: Layout options can be changed by layout. So some extra fields can be on or off for some different layout.

1.2) Column: Choose the layout column otherwise it takes the default different column from a different layout.

1.3) Layout Style: There are 3 layout styles here. Grid, Grid Equal Height, and Masonry.

1.4) Text Align: Choose text-align for all content.

Layout Screenshot

2) Query Build: You can make a full query for the block from here.

2.1) Post Source: First Select Post Source “Post or Page”

Common Filters:

2.2) Include Only: You can input a specific post/page ID that you want to include.

2.3) Exclude: You can input a specific post/ page ID that you want to exclude.

2.4) Limit: Set how many items you want to display.

2.5) Offset: Based on your query it will exclude the no of items

Advance Filter:

2.6) Taxonomy: All Taxonomy will show here (Such as – Category, Tags, etc).

2.7) By Author: You can set a specific Author or skip this.

2.8) By Keyword: You set a special keyword or keep it blank.

2.9) Taxonomies Relation: You can make a relation within each taxonomy.

2.10) Date Range [Pro]: You can set two specific date start and end dates to filter data.

2.11) Order By: You can set order by title, create date, modified date, etc.

2.12) Sort order: You can set Ascending or Descending order

2.13) Post Status: You can select which status you want.

2.14) Ignore sticky posts at the top [Pro]: You can enable this setting to show sticky posts at top of the list.

2.15) No Posts found: You can change the text when no posts are found.

Query Build Screenshot

3) Filter (Front-end) [Pro]: This section is available only for the pro version. Some extra fields can be shown or hidden depending on the filter show/hide button.

3.1) Taxonomy Filter: You can show or hide this field.

3.2) Author Filter: You can show or hide this field.

3.3) Order By Filter: You can show or hide this field.

3.4) Sort Order Filter: You can show or hide this field.

3.5) Search Filter: You can show or hide this field.

The below field will show if you enable all filter buttons from above

3.6) Filter Type: Choose filter type to Dropdown or Button.

  • Dropdown: Dropdown is the default
  • Button: If you choose Button for filter type then some extra fields will be available for button style.
    • Filter Style: If you want to make a collapsable filter then choose the collapsable option.

3.7) Choose Taxonomy: You can change the taxonomy source from here. If you choose Category then the category will show on the filter.

3.8) Default Category: Choose which category will default on the initial page load.

3.9) Filter Post Count: You may enable or disable the filter post count number with the taxonomy.

3.10) All Taxonomy Text: You may change the “All Taxonomy” text from here.

3.11) All Users Text: You may change the “All Users” text from here.

Filter (Front-end) Screenshot

4) Pagination: Some extra fields can be shown or hidden depending on the filter show/hide button.

4.1) Show Pagination: At first you have to click on the show pagination button to enable pagination.

4.2) Display Per Page: For Pagination how many do you want to display per page.

4.3) Pagination Type: You may change the pagination type. Normal pagination is the default value.

  • Default Pagination: This is the default WordPress pagination.
  • Ajax Pagination [Pro]: You may create ajax pagination for your block. It’s a pro field.
  • Load More – On Click [Pro]: You may choose the ajax Load More button. It’s a pro field.
  • Load More – On Scroll [Pro]: You may choose ajax on scroll load more. It’s a pro field.

Pagination Screenshot

5) Links: Post links settings

5.1) Post Link Type: There are 4 types of link types-

  • Link to details page: This is the default field.
  • Single Popup [Pro]: Select the single popup feature. It’s a pro feature.
  • Multi Popup [Pro]: Select the Multi Popup feature
  • No Link: Select if you want to unlink all posts.

5.2) Link Target: Choose link target.

5.3) Thumbnail Link: You may enable or disable the thumbnail link from here.

Links Screenshot