Category Wise Display

To display category-wise listings you can use the following shortcode. You can display single or multiple categories by using a comma in the category ID.

[rtcl_listings category='3,6' location='2,3' orderby='data' order='DESC' listings_per_page='20' listing_top_per_page='2']

This shortcode has different parameters:


You can display a single category using only one ID category =’3′ or multiple categories, such as category =’3,6,8′. Here 3,6,8 is the category ID. you will get the ID from Classified Listing => Categories. Go to the Edit mode and see the address bar tag_ID=6

[rtcl_listings category='3,6']

How to get category ID see below image


If you want to display listings location-wise then can use location parameter for a single location using only one ID location =’3′ or multiple locations as: location =’3,6,8′. Here 3,6,8 is the location ID. You will get the ID from Classified Listing => Locations. Go to the Edit mode see address bar tag_ID=6

[rtcl_listings category='3,6' location='2,3']

You can get the location Id same way as category see above image.


You can set the order by name, date, ID, like orderby=’id/title/count/data’

[rtcl_listings category='3,6' location='3,4' orderby='data']


You can set ASC or DESC like order=’ASC/DESC’

[rtcl_listings category='3,6' orderby='data' order='DESC']

Listing Per Page:

You can set the number of listings that will show per page 10 or 20 like listings_per_page=’20’

[rtcl_listings category='3,6' orderby='data' order='DESC' listings_per_page='20']

Top Listing:

If you want to show the top ads of this category or location, then use this parameter listing_top_per_page=’2′

[rtcl_listings category='3,6' orderby='data' order='DESC' listings_per_page='20' listing_top_per_page='2']