Categories Display

To display categories use the following shortcode:

[rtcl_categories view='grid' orderby='count' order='DESC' columns='3' description='1' show_count='1' icon='1' image='0' hide_empty='0' pad_counts='1' equal_height='1']

This Shortcode has different parameters:


You can set view like Grid or list example like below

[rtcl_categories view='grid']


You can set order by name, count, date, ID, like orderby=’id/title/count/data’

[rtcl_categories orderby='count']


You can set Ascending or Descending like order=’ASC/DESC’

[rtcl_categories orderby='count' order='DESC']


You can set how many columns the category grid will display it support 1,2,3,4 & 6 grid, such as columns=’3′. The default setting is 4.

[rtcl_categories columns='3']


You can display the category description by using description=’1′. If don’t want to show description, use this description=’0′. By default, the settings are 1.

[rtcl_categories description='1']

Show Count

You can show the ads count of the category by using show_count=’1′. If you don’t want ads count then use show_count=’0′. By default, the count is 1

[rtcl_categories show_count='1']


You can show category icons by using this icon=’1′. If you don’t want to show the icons then use icon=’0′. The default setting is 1

[rtcl_categories icon='1']


You can show the category images by using this image=’1′. If you don’t want to show the icons, then use image=’0′

[rtcl_categories image='0']

Hide Empty

You can show or hide empty categories that have no posts by using this hide_empty=’1′. If you don’t want to hide empty categories then use hide_empty=’0′. The default setting is 0.

[rtcl_categories hide_empty='0']

Equal Height

You can make the Grid height equal by using equal_height=’1′. If you don’t want equal height then use equal_height=’0′. The default setting is 1.

[rtcl_categories equal_height='1']

The Output of this shortcode will look like this

Category display