How to use it?

How to use Review & Schema Plugin for Multi-Critria Rating and Review?

How to Generate Auto Schema for Page, post and WooCommerce Product?

There are main 3 features in this plugin.

  1. Advance Review – To support any advance review system any post type, like: Post, Page, Product, Download etc
  2. Google Schema JSON-LD – To support google schema JSON-LD data to any post type.
  3. Affiliate Marketing – To show any affiliate product on your website.

Here is the documentation to support all these 3 features.

  1. To support Advance Review go to Advance Review Doc
  2. To support Google Schema JSON-LD go to Google Schema JSON-LD Doc
  3. To support Affiliate Marketing go to Affiliate Marketing Doc

Global Schema Settings

For the Google Schema JSON-LD there are also Global Schema Settings, Without supporting Google Schema JSON-LD Doc Here for all post types by default enabled Google Schema JSON-LD manual settings. If you support schema from Google Schema JSON-LD Doc It will be overidden.