Gradient Heading

1. How to Add Gradient Heading #

To add the Gradient Heading Block, click on the Gutenberg editor block inserter plus icon(+) and then find Gradient Heading from the search option. Just click on the Block and it will be activated.

After you have done this step, you will see the default layout.

2. General Settings #

The general settings tab has presets and content options. This panel settings description is added below.

  • Presets: This setting has two Gradient Heading preset block. Users can use the default preset Gradient Heading block.
  • Heading: This setting has Heading text change and show/hide options.
  • Sub Heading: This setting has sub-heading text change and show/hide options.

3. Style Settings #

The style tab has a heading, subheading, and description style option panel. This panel style description is added below.

  • Heading: This style panel has heading style options.
  • Sub Heading: The icon style panel has subheading & subheading bar style options.

4. Advanced Settings #

The advanced tab has block wrapper style margin & padding, background, border, and shadow change options. This panel style description is added below.

  • Wrapper Margin & Padding: This panel has wrapper margin & padding style options.
  • Background: The background panel has wrapper background change options.
  • Border: The border panel has block wrapper border change options.
  • Shadow: The shadow panel has block wrapper shadow change options.

5. Final Outcome #

Following these basic steps and more customizing, you can style your advanced heading block and your want and get your outcome.

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