Stripe [PRO]

To setup Stripe Payment go to Classified Listing=> Settings => Payment=> Stripe Cards Settings

If you want to use Stripe payment, you first need to Enable it by checking the “Enable Stripe” box then filling in the necessary fields.

3.4.1) Enable: To enable Stripe payment, mark the “Enable Stripe” box as checked.

3.4.2) Title: Provide the title that will be shown as the payment name during the checkout process.

3.4.3) Description: Write a description that will be displayed during the checkout process.

3.4.4) Key: Enter the Live Secret Key & Live Publishable Key to configure your payment gateway. You will get these settings in your stripe account see here.

3.4.5) Sandbox: Enable the Sandbox mode to test the successful payment activation.

3.4.6) Authorize only: Enable this option if you want to get the payment in “Authorize Mode”, where the credit card will only be authorized upon checkout.

3.4.7) Statement Description: Add an Extra description to add more information on a charge that will appear in a customer’s credit card statement.

3.4.8) Select Card: Select the cards which you want to accept payment from.