Checkout Option

Payment is used to promote ads and register users who want to purchase membership packages. To Enable Payment and Payment gateways, go to Classified Listing => Settings => Payment

3.1) Enable Payment: If you want to make your customers want to pay you for listings, then enable these settings.

3.2) Currency option: Please select the currency you want to use.

We have by default 4 types of payment gateways:

  1. Offline
  2. Paypal
  3. Card Payment [PRO]
  4. Stripe [PRO]
  5. WooCommerce (Store Addon) [PRO]

We added the WooCommerce Payment gateway to cover a wide range of payment gateways. Therefore, if we haven’t covered your preference with any of our default 4 gateways you can use the WooComerce Payment gateway. To use the WooCommerce gateway you only need to install & activate WooCommerce first and configure the WooCommerce payment gateways.