MISC Settings

For different miscellaneous (MISC) like image size, re-captcha, Google MAP API key settings go to Classified Listing => Settings => MISC

  1. Image Size Settings
  2. Single Listing
  3. Social Share Buttons
  4. Re-Captcha Settings
  5. Map Settings
  6. MaxMind Geolocation

Image Size

7.1) Image Sizes: Set Gallery Slider, Gallery Thumbnail, Thumbnail, Store Banner & Store Logo to the image size, Width, & Height that you want. We have a Soft & Hard crop option. To enable Hard crop, that is the exact image size, check the Hard Crop option.

7.2) Allow Image Type: Set to allow image types PNG/ JPG/ JPEG

7.3) Allow Image size: set maximum image upload size in MB i.e 2 means 2 MB

7.4) Edit Image: If you check the option, the user can edit images after upload.

7.5) Place Holder: You can set a placeholder image, so that when the user doesn’t upload any image, then this image will load.

Single Listing

To disable Gallery Slider, Gallery Zoom, & Gallery Lightbox, check the check box.

Social Share Buttons

7.7) Social Share Buttons: To enable social share check the check box like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Whatsapp (only for mobile)

7.8) Pages: Check which page you want to show the social share button like listing detail page, listing page, category page & location page.

Re-Captcha Settings

To set Re-captcha first need to add the site key & Secret Key from Google

7.9) Enable reCaptcha: Check which pages you want to enable reCaptcha like User Registration form, New Listing form, Contact form, Report Abuse form & Store contact form.

7.10) Site & Secret Key: Set your site and Secret key. You will get this key from Google

Map Settings

We have two types of maps OpenStreetMap and Google Map. OpenStreetMap is free no need API. To enable Google map go to Classified Listing => Setting=> MISC

7.2) OpenStreetMap: This is a free Map platform no need for any API just enable OpenStreetMap, set Map Zoom level and add your address it will point the location.

7.3) Google Map: To enable Google map go to Classified Listing => Setting=> MISC Get Google Map API key from Google account

set Google map API key. Get your key from Google if you want to use Google Location then make sure select Place API. Also, set the map Zoom level and Map default location.

How to get API key Make sure selected the following API keys

Go to the Credentials Page then select the project then API key click Edit

  • Maps Embed API
  • Maps JavaScript API
  • Maps Static API
  • Street View Publish API
  • Street View Static API
  • Geocoding API
  • Places API

MaxMind Geolocation Integration

We have two types of maps OpenStreetMap and Google Map. OpenStreetMap is free no need API. To enable Google map go to Classified Listing => Setting=> MISC

Create an account on MaxMind

  • Create an MaxMind Geolocation account
  • On the registration page, complete the form with your information. If you’re not sure what to choose as “Industry” and “Intended use” fields you can fill as “eCommerce” and “Price localization” respectively.
  • After submitting you’ll get an email with a link to set your password shortly. Click on that link and choose a password.

Create a MaxMind License Key

Now that you have an account on the MaxMind website you will be able to create a license key.

Next, fill in the form to generate a license key.

  • Add a description (just as the name of your store)
  • Choose “No” next to “Will this key be used for GeoIP Update?”
  • Select “Confirm”.

You will be presented with a new key. Copy this key straight away as it will be shown only once.

Add MaxMind Geolocation License Key to WooCommerce settings

Finally, you need to add this key to your Classified Listing settings.

  • Go to: Classified Listing > Settings > Misc > MaxMind Geolocation
  • Paste the license key
  • Select “Save changes”

Now your Classified Listing is ready to geolocate users with the MaxMind Geolocation Integration.

Updating the MaxMind database

The system is set to automatically update every 15 days, using the built-in WordPress function WP Cron to trigger `rtcl_geoip_updater`.

If the mmdb file on your server doesn’t seem to be updated correctly after this time, you can install the following plugin that will help you troubleshoot scheduled events in WordPress: WP Crontrol.