General Settings

To set up an admin email, go to WordPress navigation Classified Listing => Settings => Email

Email settings

4.1) Admin Email Notification: You can check which email notifications you want to receive as an Admin, such as the following:

  1. New User register- If any user registers using our listing plugin form.
  2. When a New Listing is Submitted
  3. When a Listing is Edited
  4. When a Listing Expires
  5. Order Created: When an order for a promotion or for the purchase of membership is placed.
  6. When a Payment is Received or an Order is completed
  7. A Contact message to send to the owner of a listing
  8. Store update.

4.2) User Email Notification: Check the settings to decide which notification emails your users get. You can let them get emails when:

  1. Listings are Submitted
  2. Listings are Approved/ Published
  3. Listing are about to expire
  4. Listings Expire and have reached the threshold on the renewal reminder email
  5. Orders are Created – Place order for a promotion or purchase membership
  6. Orders are completed– After placement of order and successful payment.
  7. Disable contact email to the listing owner– If you check this then the owner of a listing won’t get an email from the listing detail page.

Email Sending Option

You can set the email form settings, such as the Form name, From Email & Admin notification email.