My Account Menu

After Login a user can access “My Account” menu. It is the dashboard for users where user can manage their ads see payment, and other elements.

  1. Dashboard
  2. My Listings
  3. Store
  4. Favourites
  5. Chat
  6. Payment
  7. Account Detail
  8. Logout

Dashboard: After login users will get the dashboard menus.

classified listing dashboard

2) My Listings: Users can manage their listings Add/ Edit/ Delete any listing. They can also manage promotions, such as Top, Featured & Bump up.

classified listing my lisitng

3) Store: Users can manage their stores, add store banner, logo, description, opening hours, contact info and store social icons.

4) Favorites: If you add any ads in the favorites list, this change will reflect here. However, you can delete this item if you wish.

5) Chat: The Chat History will be displayed here.

6) Payment: The user payment history will be displayed here.

7) Account Detail: Users can edit their account information from here.

account detail