Custom Fields

You can add unlimited custom fields

  1. Normal fields
  2. Conditional or Relation Fields

Normal Fields

We have 8 Types of custom fields

  1. Text Box
  2. Text Area
  3. URL
  4. Number
  5. Date with range
  6. Select
  7. Radio
  8. Checkbox
Custom fields type

Add Custom fields depends in type

After selecting the custom fields type, you can create fields as is shown below:

  1. Name: Give the name of your custom field group
  2. Apply Category: You can set where this field will work for all categories or any specific category. If it is for a specific category then select that particular category.
  3. Field Label: Give a name of field label
  4. Required: Set “Yes” to make this field a mandatory requirement or “No” for it to not be compulsorily required.
  5. Include this field in search form [Pro]: Set “Yes” to make this field in left widget filterable or “No” if you don’t want the filter.
  6. Include this field in listing [Pro]: Set “Yes” to make this field show up in the list view.

Conditional or Relational Fields[Pro]

You can create conditional fields or relational fields using our custom fields features like for car model depends on brand and year depends on model.

First enable conditional field from the custom field then set the condition and relational field then set the data for the field.

conditional fields
  1. Name: Set the name of your field
  2. Filter Widget: Set if this field show in left filter widget
  3. Conditional Login: Enable Conditional logic then next steps field will load.
  4. Conditional field Group will show

4.1) Select Field: Select the relation field from the field group that you created before

4.2) Condition: Set a condition we have pre-define condition like

  • Has any value
  • Has no value
  • Value contains
  • Value is equal to
  • Selection is greater than
  • Selection is less than

4.3) Value: Set the compare value from your select field group. Example: Toyota

5) New Fields: Now set the value for the conditional new field we add model for Toyota

Note: Fore huge no of custom fields need to increase PHP Max input Variables size