Listing Category

How To Use Listing Category Widget

Step 1:

To add or edit Listing Category widget at first edit with elementor and drag and drop Listing Category widget inside page .

Step 2:

Listing Category Settings is more customizable. Description added for for each settings below.

Style : Some style are available here. User can use as like. Style-1 is free and Style 2 for pro Feature
Categories: Leave empty for display all category Or user can display specific category.
Category Limit: User can set limit to display category.
Counts Include Children: If user want to display summation of parent category and child category just enable the settings. But it will not hamper wordpress category query, Thats why order by count will work for only catagory own value not work for summation of ads.
Order By: Category can display orderby ID, Date, Title, Count, Custom Order
Sort By: Category can display Sort By Ascending, Descending order.
Hide Empty: By Enabling this settings Empty category will hide even his child category has value.
Show Icon/Image : User can hide/show icon/ image.
Show Title: User can hide/show category title.
Icon Type: User can display anything Icon OR Image.
Listing Counts: User can hide/show category Listing Counts .
Text After Count: Change Text After Count If needed.
Category Description: Short Description can hide/show
Description Word Limit: User Can set Description Word Limit .
Content alignment: Set alignment is need.
Equal Height: Make Equal Height for each category

Number of Responsive Columns Settings Bellow

Responsive control added bellow.

Step 3: Style Tab

Here is some Box style related settings.

Icon and Image settings

Some of the control for make Icon And Image more customizable. And user can make new layout by customize this settings.

Title settings

Category Title Color, Typography and title spacing are added here.

Category Counter settings

Category Counter Color, Typography and title spacing are added here.

Category Shortdescription

Category Short description Color, Typography and title spacing are added here.