Web Site Speed in very important for your visitor if your site is slow loading then visitor will not come to your site. Today we will discuss how to make load time faster of your Joomla power website.

#1) First Select a popular and Joomla optimized Hosting Provider:

Before buy a hosting you need to find a best hosting who provide best hardware resources so if lot of visitor come to your website at a time site does not gone to slow. Also remember which provider can provide you better and quickly support for hosting related or Joomla Related issue. For small business site you can select share hosting plan it is cheaper. I personally use many share hosting but I found SiteGround is better than others. Main Reason to select SiteGround in there quick customer support. You can check others hosting like BlueHost, Inmotion Hosting, HostGator etc…

#2) Keep Latest Joomla and others extensions updated:

For Joomla Website we need to keep the Joomla version always up-to-date to get latest update and keep your site secure from hacking. In Joomla 3.x it is easy to update Joomla simply just one click the update button. As well as Joomla we need to keep others extensions updated.

Go to Extensions = > Manage = > Updates

#3) Enable Joomla Caching:

Caching in very important to make Joomla site fast loading. How Joomla caching work when a visitor first time visit a Joomla site then the caching plugin take the full page then if for next visits it load the images and content from the cache that make more faster loading to the visitors.

Go to System = > Global Configuration  

Now go to System Tab and Select “ON – Conservative caching”

#4) Enable System Cache Plugin:

This is Joomla System Cache that need to enable to make Joomla site proper caching

Go to Extensions = > Plugins

Then from search box type “System Cache”

By default this plugin is disable so enable this plugin by click on the icon

#5) Enable GZip Compression:

A Great Joomla default tool to compress your page before sending to visitors then it uncompress to the visitors bowser. So it load faster to the visitors browser.

Go to System = > Global Configuration  

By default Gzip is diable to enable it to to

Go to System = > Global Configuration  = > Server tab

Now Select Gzip Compression = > Yes then Save it


#6) Optimize Resources (images, css & JS):

Images: Try to use optimize image never use to big images you can reduce image size manually by photoshop before upload make sure images are save as save for web standard.

CSS: Make sure use simple and light weight CSS if possible compress the css file some framework has open to compress css file.

JS:  Make sure use simple and light weight JS if possible compress the css file some framework has open to compress JS file.

#7) Remove unuse Extensions:

Remove / Unstall all unused extensions because all Joomla extensions take server resources like database and hosting spaces. Sometime we test different components and modules to check how it work but we forgot to remove it. So better to remove them that are not in use.

#8) Use 3rd Party Extensions to optimize:

There are many Joomla extensions to improve the Joomla performance but from my experience I used JCH Optimize it is better than others 3rd party plugins I think.


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